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First of all I'd like to say a maHOOsive thank you to Rebecca & Sam for hanging onto me till I posted this blog post. I'm very sorry that it has taken SO long, and I'm sure all you browsers know exactly how long it's been since I last posted... oops. Seems like life has caught up with and when shit hits the fan it all comes in threes, right?!

Anyway back to my blog post and not my depressing life.

This Material Culture kindly sent me an email asking if I'd like to review their brand and gave me the opportunity to pick an item off their website. I was stuck between two gorgeous bangles, one being the "Jasmine" bangle and the "Turquoise" bangle. So I asked Rebecca to surprise me and pick one.

This photo does it no justice whatsoever. The colours of blue are absolutely gorgeous, reminds me of the sea which makes me sad because I miss it, but happy because I can look forward to a holiday!

If you bought a bunch of these they would look fabulous with tanned skin on holiday or at festivals! And the bangles are my favourite collection off their website, they also do earrings, necklaces and mens jewellery. But yeah totes loving the bangles.

I did suggest that they ought to pop in a product with a few bangles as the price of one bangle is £10 and if you wanted to stack it up it would be costly. I've gone onto the website and can see that there is a set available with 5 bangles for £27 and it has 3 charms too - CUTE. It's called the "Bollywood Bangle Set" So glad they gave in to my feedback as I'm sure this will be a hit. 

It will be a great pressie for a friend or, obviously, for yourself.

(I wasn't paid to write a colourful and positive post - it's my opinion and I really do adore the bangle)

Find them at 

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