Haul of Bits & Bobbies

This Nashi Argan set is absolutely amazing. I used the bio scrub soap today and it does wonders on my face
it left my face feeling really smooth and it smells really nice! 
I've yet to use the shampoo and conditioner but the Argan oil does wonders on my scalp - it's
helped restore the life back into it. Every year at these times my scalp gets dry due to the
weather and to stress so I need to keep it in great condition.

You can buy this at Shenol Hair Salon at Baker Street, London.
(Great bunch of stylists I do recommend you go there)

My postcards I always pick up from the vintage shop at Carnaby Street :)
I love Carnaby Street

I bought a vintage noughts and crosses game last week for a close friend of mine
and the lovely lady at the counter popped in these. I didn't even notice! How nice of her
Really can't wait to try the Vichy hydration light cream as you all know how dry my skin gets and
the brand is rated highly so this will be a first for me!

Left to Right: Jane Norman, ASOS, I have no idea
So the bright as the sun jeans are from ASOS. I can't believe I actually bought them. And wore them out.
And everyone kept staring at me. I think I felt a bit bittersweet. Happy I was getting attention but not happy if I was getting the wrong attention? LOL anyway, I do love the colour chartreuse
The other two jeans were a gift from my mama :) Mind you, Jane Norman bags were SO in back at high school.
Remember popping your PE kit in side those funky coloured plastic bags? LOOOOOOOOL
I didn't realise it still existed

VOGUE & a new edition to my lip balm collection - smells very nice and not too overpowering :)

My new boots I am in LOVE with. Even though they are a size 5 (I'm a 4) I can still manage to walk in them they fit well. The soles are cleated as you can tell and I've only had them for a week and already I've managed to kill off the cleated sole on heels lmao. These were from TkMaxx for £25 by London Rebel

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