One Night Abroad

So I was contacted by Smartling, an online translation technology company who love
travel, fashion, culture and... yes you got that right, languages!

They wanted me to take part in a project called "One Night Abroad" 
to see what my ideal night out abroad would be like in another country and how I 
would assimilate myself into a new culture using language, food and fashion, duh.

OUTFIT | Jumpsuit, In Love with Fashion
Shell Earrings, Boutique in Turkey
Coral Heels, Miss Selfridge

MAKEUP | Concealer, Collection
Bronzer, Sleek
Lipstick, MAC

DESTINATION | Cancun, Mexico
I chose this location as I really want to fly away to Mexico one day.
And the area that really seemed to float my boat was Cancun. 
Great beaches, great nightlife, great tourist attraction!

FOOD | Breakfast, Huevos Rancheros
Lunch/Snack, Guacamole with Tortilla Chips
Dinner, Alambre, Carne Asada, Enchilada
Dessert, Tres Leches (Three Milk Cake)
Non-Alcoholic Drink | Limeade
Alcoholic Drink | Tequila, Sangrita 

So of course, I'm not Mexican, I don't even know a word of Spanish (Does Olé count?!)
I'm assuming the touristic area would have English speaking locals but if I wanted 
to travel to the village areas (which I probably would, I love travelling!) I would have 
thought previously that I'd buy a pocket dictionary. Flipping furiously through pages to find
the correct word in the correct term. Oh Lord.
Smartling translate whole websites and whole apps, so if you're in Mexico and wanted to shop on the Michael Kors website, it will automatically be translated because they work with them!
"The Smartling platform is a powerful translation technology that allow you 
to capture, manage, and deliver content into other languages and countries."

I would obviously use the good old hand gestures too.
You know, I'm out on the beach asking some of the locals where I can
find a nice restaurant, doing the fork-in-my-mouth hand gestures and a thumbs up.
It's part of the experience doing hand gestures, always part of the fun I'd say! Haha


  1. Wirklich Hübsches outfit, dir steht es echt hammer gut!!
    Schau doch mal auf meinem Blog vorbei.

    Vielleicht willst du mir ja Feedback dalassen?
    Ich freue mich auf deinen Besuch.
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Danke Katja, I will definitely check out your blog :)

  2. oh wow.. schönes outfit und toller post!
    dein blog gefällt uns echt gut. man merkt einfach dass du richtig spaß am bloggen hast.
    wir würden uns echt freuen, wenn du auch mal bei uns vorbeischauen würdest.
    liebe grüße ♥♥

  3. This is a very stunning outfit! keep posting... Greetings, Wilja..

    1. Thank you so much Wilja, I shall pass through your blog too x

  4. omg . dieser jumpsuit sieht einfach hammer aus!

    xoxo Thi von XinChaoHoney

    ps. würde mich freuen wenn du meinen Blog ein kleinen Besuch erstatten würdest :)