Update Quick-y

Hey you lot!
It's been a while, hasn't it?
I'm not going to bore you to death with my repetitive posts on how
I haven't blogged about fuck all for a while... or long time that is.

I'm going through major changes in my life and decisions I need to take. 
I think my mind is gravitating towards those decisions more than blogging lately. 
You know, you could blog about anything
I could go on Polyvore and do a quick outfit combo, but I don't feel like it.
This blogging block comes once in a while then I start blogging like crazy all over again.
I've been blogging since 2010, happens every year, 
don't worry I'm not giving up completely on blogging :)

I need to find myself a job.
I need to start saving for my future.
I need to start somewhere.

Life isn't getting any longer, just as you know it you're at a completely different journey of your life. 
Times like this you need to think long and hard before you make the right decision

So that's an update on my current state of mind.

Also I'm going on holiday soon! YAY

Below is a bunch of photos of what I've been getting up to which 
is probably more interesting than a typical Polyvore post :)

Enjoy being nosey x

One of my freelance projects of designing a barber shops fascia/logo/branding

My weight loss journey. The coral blouse photos of me were taken in 2012
while I was on holiday seeing family. I was then around a size 12/14 weighing at 68kg.
I was so unhappy and uncomfortable of my weight that Summer, I remember I shut myself
at my aunts room reading a book while everyone was swimming in the community pool. 
I was too embarrassed to get my swimwear on... wasn't at all a nice feeling.
The B&W pic is from a few weeks back. I can now tell you I'm a size 10 and weighing 58kg.
I've lost all this weight in the past year. I think the most obvious fat that has vanished is from my legs.
Thank heavens for that. My aim now is to get down to 55kg and tone my inner thighs and tummy.
Those are my problems areas that are left - other than that I'm pretty pleased with myself!

 Left: Fish nibbling on my feet 
Right: At my cousins birthday party being a child

Most recent photo of me

Few weeks back I think

Sister & I

 Made a Turkish dish called "Karni yarik" Google it - the name is funny when translated :)

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