Mini Makeup Haul

So here's a bunch of stuff I've accumulated while not blogging.
I have to say this lip liner is AMAZING. The colour is soooo gorgeous it's beautiful.
Wonder if it comes in lipstick form... hmmm
Very recently I've changed from my MAC concealer to a Collection 2000 one.
What can I say, I was extremely impressed and not at all complaining at a price of £4ish
It's stays on for aaages (of course the powder helps) and the coverage is medium-full
The lashes I haven't used yet but I'd say they're quiet OTT so def one for a night out
I'm not a daily lashes user so they do seem a bit too much for me LOL
I had a hate love relationship with the Manga mascara. From YSL to Loreal kind of dampened my mood
loool and I know designer to high street mascara DID bother me but YSL mascara dried up so quickly 
it started annoying me and I needed something cheaper and short term so hey ho once I bought it
and used it daily I got used to it. Very wet texture


  1. I love your tattoo! I'm not sure on Miss Manga either, I've seen so many mixed reviews, only one way to find out I guess!


    1. Thanks for you comment Gemma! Gah I'm sure you'll go through the hate/Love stage I went through as well. There's just no way someone else's review can make up for your own review of the product because our eyelashes are all different and the textures work different on everyone. Great blog design - love the illustrations! ^_^