Lovechild of Celine & Kurt Geiger = ASOS

So as Oyku does on a daily basis,
she was browsing the ASOS website as many fashion bloggers do
and came across this AMAZINGLY FANTASTICAL SUGAR MAMA boots.

*The heavens open up*
*Homer Simpson salivating* 

 (Casually walking out of third person role)
The first thing that sprung to my mind was the Kurt Geiger Bond heels with the whole snake skin effect and yellow shading and then the boot shape reminded me of the Celine Fall 2013 boots.
ASOS has DEFINITELY nailed it with this number! 
I'm like willing to sell my farm and sheeps and pigs and cows for these boots.

I'm such a fashionista, gah, can't breath from my shoe knowledge.

[Kurt Geiger - Bond]

[Celine - Fall 2013 Boots]

[More commonly associated with the up and coming model Kendall Jenner]

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