Guide to Prom/Graduation

I have been MEGA MIA from my blog for the past 3 weeks.
As you know life does catch up on you and i've seriously busy with personal thangs
But girl has a great lil post lined up for yous :)

For all my young followers attending their Year 11 Prom or the ones attending their 6form proms or even the ones finishing university and wanting to amp the style ranks and look super duper fabulous for graduation.
Below is a selection of cute dresses for the teens and a bunch of classy yet sassy dresses for the 20+
- All according to the type of style you are opting for.
I hope this helps you all out because I remember how much of a nightmare 
hunting for my graduation dress was!

The Maxi


It's prom! You are all 16+ so therefore, WEAR BRIGHT AND BOLD. 
Go for patterns, clashes of colours (the right way of clashes), be fun, be bold, be young.
This is probably the only formal event where you want to 
STUN THE CROWD of people who have been looking at you 
everyday for the past God damn how many years in your school uniform.
Normally no gowns or caps are involved (especially not in England) so you won't have to worry about hairstyles or other things you need to take note of. Just don't crimp your hair - that's so 90s.

You can also wear however high heels you want. 
I remember prom and all the girls removed their heels
when they started dancing, it was way more comfortable to get down and boogie. 
Or is it twerking now?

I know you want to flaunt out your stunningnesses but don't take the piss. 
You're going to pull up that tight dress the whole night so your nipples don't flung out and 
pull down that short dress because your bum cheeks will be on show. 
Why make one of the best memories of your life difficult? Don't!

The Short

Warm Graduation Dresses


At graduation, what I also found was that some of the ladies wore some frikkin high heels. Girl, you crazy.
Go for comfort, not for aesthetics as you'll be walking up to shake hands and collect your certificate.
Don't want to topple over and make a fool of yourself now, do you?
They looked absolutely excruciating and painful - don't do it.
Opt for ankle strap styled heels as they won't fall off your feet and wedges as it'll be easy to walk in!

Also, at graduation what you find is that your gown is covering almost ALL of your outfit, apart from your heels. So what the majority of the ladies opt for is elegant, sophisticated and minimal dresses. 
Pencil dresses are a huge favourite. And go wild about colour/pattern if you want - it's the only thing that you can play with without looking like a stripper (LOL)

When it comes to hair - leave it out in curls or poker straight, plait it, braid it or a low pony, as you'll be wearing your cap and if you do a bun or high pony you won't be able to wear your cap. That's not wise at all

Cool Graduation Dresses



Also below is a number of useful websites that I found handy to help find the perfect dress:

Hope my blog post was helpful!

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