Mary Katrantzou for Adidas

There's always a collaboration lurking around the corner when Adidas is involved.
And yes, this blog post is about the next collaboration Adidas will be hosting.
Now I'm not a very sporty girl. If jeans are sporty then alright mate, I'm ya girl.
Not really.
I left my tomboy days way behind me from the age of 15. 
And thank God for that because that was a bloody awful look. Ew.

My eyes glistened with joy when I read who the designer was though.

Everyone needs a bit of Adidas

A bit of sport, a bit of Tomboyish Delirium

Everyone needs a  Print Phenomenon

Woman powerful of all prints

Yes. I know. Yes it IS her.


It's okay if you're a fashion virgin, you can learn about my designer knowledge from my blog guys.

So there's no leaked images yet - boohoo.
Bu below I'll give you a taste of her collection for SS14

Indulge in Katrantsex

You're welcome.

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