Skirt - Topshop
[Part of my Day One BLFW outfit. £34 the most expensive item of my outfits.
However I love the colours and patterns and it's in the African and Folklore theme
which is VERY in right now. Fashion Blogger Knowledge yeah]

Skirt - H&M
[This baby was found in the sale. I was so happy it fit like a glove lol.
Definitely makes me feel like a mermaid. Or a cloud. Or both.
I think it was £7... Maybe I'm totally wrong but it was a bargain]

Top - Topshop
[OhMyWord. This was in the "last chance to buy" rail and with
my bargain mind I had a feeling if it was the last one it's most likely
going to be reduced so took over to the till and it was! So happy. Think I 
got it for like £15 or something can't remember soz mate, mind of a fish]

Crop Top - Miss Selfridge
[Eeee £25 killing my pocket ffs but it worked perfectly with my Topshop Skirt
and this crop top doesn't stick to you unlike others it's quite classy
so it could be worn in the day or out at night. Really nice, recommend and got
asked LOTS of where I got it from lol.]

Ankle Grazers - Matalan
[As you know I'm slowly buying items for the hols and this was a bargain I couldn't miss.
A bargain and a happy relief because they are a SIZE 10. OMDAYS hello.
I fit into a size 10! So happy. Although I fit in JUST ABOUT. Need to get rid of this tummy.
Oh and it says £7 but it was actually a fiver. Mwahahaha]

Top - Matalan
[Another beautiful top perfect for the sun. This was £4]

Frilly Socks - Primark
[Hahaha part of my outfit for BLFW. Don't remember the price though £2 maybe]

Necklace - BLFW Freebie - Debenhams

Purse - BLFW Freebie - Debenhams

Boots - Matalan
[My fave boots ever. So comfortable and only £12. FML.]

Tights - New Look
[Actually was down to £1 - Kerching]

BLFW Freebies

Powder - Boots
[I have the translucent one - it's actually really good when applied over my concealer]

Face Wipes & Deodorant Spray - Tesco
[Both were on offer can't remember by how much]

Mega Hoops - New Look
[£2.50 - Bargain init]

Bag - H&M
[£15 - Love this bag been taking it out everywhere.
Only downside is majority of my earrings are silver so the gold hoops come in handy 
when wanting to be matchy matchy with my jewellery and bag hah]

Diary - Paperchase
[Never too late. Was eyeing this baby up for a month or two till 
I randomly walked into Paperchase to find it was on offer for £8 or something]

Trousers - H&M
[Okay so my mum said I should try something new and go for some printed trousers
as I always go for block colours. But I just kept trying them on and 100%
hating it as I'm still at a stage of losing weight and do not like it on my body.
So will probably be giving these back I'm afraid]

Vans - Schuh
[Last minute buy, probs the most I spent on one item but they're kinda
like an investment I always wear trainers it was either a pair of Vans
or Converses but decided to go for these instead as they're mega comfy.
First few days = Blister nightmare.
After = Heaven.
Breaking it in is the difficult part of course like any other shoe]

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