Folk Fashion

I've just been really into ethnic prints, animal prints, florals lately
and it all just gathers so well when it comes down to Folk Fashion.
It's so... Pretty.
Bit of an upside village girl style :)
I've collected some images through Google below.

Umarim sectigim resimleri begenirsiniz! 
Cok hosuma gidiyor bu folklor tarzi, siz nasil buldunuz? 
Hani geleneksel kiyafetleri modern bir karisimla stil yapmislar bence cok guzel
Yorumlarinizi bekliyorum :)

 The dress this lady wore for Paris Fashion Week is so beautiful.
It's very traditional and I would love to own a petite version of it.
I think it would look cute on me (so vain) lol :)

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  1. How cool are these prints! xx