Bloggers Love Fashion Week #DAY1

You can find my beautiful milfs blog here: MonBlog
& She's on Twitter here: MonTwitter

The mesmerising view at Penthouse.
For more info on events, clubbing, or the bar life you can find them here

 Jara Wine had some extremely pretty dresses, perfect for Summer.
I especially like the one styled on the lady above (Sorry don't know who that is)
Want to grab some of their stuff? Here's their Twitter page: JaraWine

 Sweetz Boutique were at Mahiki in a previous event hosted by Bloggers Love
They were also here again to show their blingtastic jewellery and accessories off.
You can find them here: SweetzBoutique

 Tutti Rouge have a great mix of pretty and sexy lingerie. I took a booklet with me that has all the items listed inside and of course Oyku the graphic designer has to comment about the design of it - LUSH.
You can get some sexy undies here: TuttiRouge

 Major London 05 had an eclectic range of garments with a load of colourful leggings and textured skirts!
Find them here: MajorLondon05

Eskay W had a preppy mix of clothing. Great for sticky weather in Summer 
(Doubt that will occur in England)
Want some preppy items? Find them here: EskayW

I have to say I absolutely loved this handmade collection of jewellery and accessories by Taro Collection.
Very precious pieces! You can get in touch here: TaroCollection

These scarves were so silky and soft I 100% recommend them they have gorgeous prints and the coolest business cards! Loved the skull design on them :)
Find them here: GuiradoDesign

I fell in love with this clutch in fact it went with my outfit for the second day of #BLFW
The colours are gorgeous and go so well. As well as bags they also do a range of jewellery so 
you should really check them out! Find them here: NadiaMinkoff

Rachel Black Millinery had a fantabulous range of head wear I especially liked the one on the 
ladies head but because it wasn't a good photo I don't want to post it as she did say if it's not 
nice don't blog it haha! I am listening to your wishes and not posting it.
However please do check out her range they are so elegant and unique! 
Find the website here: RachelBlackMillinery

Maro Jewellery was also featured on the catwalk models, these are pieces I would wear. 
They remind me of mediterranean jewellery and so make me happy because 
I remember Turkey and the sunshine *sigh* Find them here: Maro

I don't have an iPhone (as you may know I'm still friends with a blackberry)
So can't say much about this other than wish I had an iPhone so the cases would look good with it!
Find them here: Uunique

AH-MAZING jewellery pieces here!
I did a lot of work to actually find out what the brand is otherwise I wouldn't have known! Oops
You can find their fabulous pieces here: ApacheRose

This super glam eyelash collection called "Model It" has been created by Alisha White 
(Yes, that's the model from BNTM/ANTM)
Seeing as the average price we pay for eyelashes is a fiver, you got two pairs for a fiver - Great deal!
And the eyelashes also featured invisible bands - perfect to wear in the day time and if you want to double up you can layer on another pair without it feeling heavy on your eyelid. Sounds perfect
You can find her on Twitter here: AlishaWhite
And you can contact her to buy some lashes here: ModelItLashes

The City Rack had some pretty pinks and monochrome clothing. I did spot scuba material but hey it's in fashion and I cannot moan (I still don't like that material) other than that they have a great range of pretty clothes here: TheCityRack

IWYC had some extremely cute pieces very statement! 
Their website is being built as we speak so no link to that but you can check their blog out here: IWYC
Find their Twitter page: here
And their Instagram page: here

Swap in the City, Find them here for beauty and fashion events: SITC

ShoeLicks are a cool and vibrant brand that help you jazz up the soles of your heels!
The lady also said they will be going on Dragons' Den soon! Good luck with that lol 
I'll be sitting on the edge of my sofa stuffing my face with nuts (I'm on a diet, sorry popcorn) 
and sweating at the comments hurled at you - eek!
Find the brand here: ShoeLicks

(Only two of them haha)
Shanice (Blog Here)
Vanessa (Blog Here)

Featuring brands such as 


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