BLFW #Day2

I had a fabulous two days of Bloggers Love Fashion Week. Thank you to Danielle who creates these amazing events and I hope to see more of #BLFW in the seasons to come!
I was a VIB for Tuesday where Debenhams showcased 
their designs and had a chit chat with us on the back end of buying/merchandising.
The ladies were lovely and gave great advice. I really do recommend that you check out their new stock soon (They also have a sale on right now to give you heads up haha)

I do, however, have to explain a small story that happened on the night 
which made me annoyed, angry and upset.
I had two bags that were given to me, one from Bloggers Love and the other from Debenhams,
a goodie bag as you would name it.
Now all of the Blogging Gals team popped their bags in the corner of the sofa, not thinking much about it. We didn't think that someone would come and take the bags and run off with it lol.
That's exactly what happened.

I had my coral clutch bag in the Debenhams bag, someone took my clutch out, took the debs goodie bag, put my clutch into a Bloggers Love bag and walked off. 
I really felt disgusted that someone would go to great lengths so I wouldn't notice. 
I had such an amazing day to be left in a distressed mood really upset me.
I had to walk out without saying bye to the girls because I felt violated in a way and they also took Zainebs goodie bag too but didn't go to great lengths like they did with mine.

At the end of the day it is just a goodie bag, I can buy my own makeup, it's fine. I had business cards that I took from people from the day that have vanished too which I can't get back.
I just cannot believe there were thieves who call themselves "bloggers" among us and whoever it is has their name written on the guest list so I hope you are embarrassed and ashamed of what you have done.

The moral of the story is:
Some bloggers are hungry for freebies, so even if you think everyone is kind and lovely like yourselves, not all are. Always keep your stuff with you at all times and remember, it's the memories that count.

Also all names/brands below have links to their blogs/websites :)

Me & Zaineb
Thank you Monika for the awesome pic! 

 I love this photo of Amber so much haha!

Monika is a milf admit it

My beautiful princess Jo getting prepped for the catwalk

 A short presentation and Q&A session with Poppy Dinsey founder of What I Wore Today and Grabble 

Cutie Vanessa

 Dj Sarah Giggle! She was hilarious such a fun lady

Let the catwalk show commence!
Designers involved:


  1. Hey! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award :) This award is just a way of saying I really like your blog and letting other people know about your blog. Please find all the info here

  2. It looks like you had an amazing time. It's a shame, there's always a small minority that seem to ruin things for everyone :( We're loving the colour that is trending this season, theres nothing like a good neon pop to brighten your day!!

    1. Thanks girls comment much appreciated!!