& Other Stories Beauty Buys

It's been ages since &OtherStories opened the doors to the British public
and I've been meaning to go there for ages too
So when I was on my way to the Love bloggers event I thought I'd come out of Argyll St
& there it was, the beauty was right in front of me.
Call me silly but I've NEVER seen it face to face even though I'm at Oxford Street every month.

So yeah I picked up these two beauties.
Best buys ever I'm already in love. There was other scents I dabbled with and
wanted to purchase but thought these are enough for now... Till the next time I go there that is haha

Shinjuku Bloom - Best hand cream smell. Not too strong, not too sweet, not at all floral
Punk Bouquet - Vanilla and a really light smell of roses.

I hate floral smells, NONE of these smell anything like floral bewilderness, honestly.

I would say these are my two favourites. Still have a load more to try though
One that I liked was Ginger & Mint I think. That smelt very unique I liked it as a body spray.

Prices: Shinjuku Bloom Hand Cream = £4
Punk Bouquet Body Lotion = £7


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    1. Aww thanks Lucia! They have an amazing array of body related goods ^__^
      (Oh and clothes... accessories....jewellery....shoes....)