As some of you may be aware of, I am work experiencing at a digital design company.
Today I was let off early as there was no work to be given to me and I'd had my eye on a little
boutique on my way there. Finally an opportunity to go in! YAY
Went in and found out that everything on one side of the rail was £3. WTF
3 QUID. Are ya avin a laugh. Nearly fell off me chair mate, haha.
I picked out these summery tops. Love them all apart from the last one.
That one was a bit of an impulse buy as the woman seemed very convincing.
I knew I wouldn't like it *sigh*
To top that off my mum said it looks like something an Irish Gypsy would wear off the telly LMAO.
And my tits look absolutely huge in it. Deary no, I left eyefuls of tit back when I was 18. No thanks.
Talk about rubbing salt on my wound. No need to worry though, I have a few ideas up my sleeve ;)
Nothing ever goes to waste in my wardrobe, HEYLL NO.
The Models Own lipgloss is from my subscription to Sun+ Perks. Which has ended.