Blogging Gals Goodybag Reviews!

First of all I'd like to thank ALL the companies that kindly sent us gifts for our Blogging Gals goody bags 
And secondly I'd like to thank +Zeena Xena for doing such a damn good job!


I was extremely excited to see this spotty packet as the team were given a sneaky peek at a photo sent by Dimuene on the goody bags so I knew exactly what was going to be in the bag - a ring!
I literally was like :O It's gorgeous the colour, the shape it's very me. Makes me smile!

Twitter: @Dimuene


OH MY WORD. The girls kept saying how yummy the cakes were but I didn't want to eat it before I took a photo so it had to wait a day or two. Why did I wait D: It was SO yummy. Very tasty the coating wasn't at all sugary like normal cake pops are the inside was chocolate cake and it was the right consistency with the right amount of cocoa and it was just ahhh... So moist, so nice. I just want more!


These products I was well excited about because I know that Sainsburys does have a range
of good quality clothing as well stationery products (LOL such a graphic designer)
You really shouldn't underestimate Sainsburys as a supermarket because it's so much more!
I have a previous post about a jacket I had bought in January from Sainos. Very fashionable.
Onto the cosmetics. I was amazed at the consistency of these products. Their pigmentation is AMAZING
honestly they are fabulous I've just swatched all of the products below. They eyeshadow with one swipe you get a heap of colour, the same with the nail polish it isn't at all streaky! The lipstick can be used to add a pop of colour or dab your lips for a subtle colour looks gorgeous. I'm in love with the lipgloss it's smooth creamy, not at all gloopy it's really pigmented  I love this nude colour :)
All in all this is a great collection!

Thank you to the Sainsburys PR Team:


It was the first time that I had heard of this brand and I was pleasantly amused at the multi-action skin-perfecting serum. It was so smooth on my skin I instantly felt like my skin had absorbed vitamins!

I haven't used the other two samples of anti-age cream. I think it's because I'm in denial about the whole anti-aging products. I still feel 16! Even though I'll be 23 this year I think my skin is suffering badly with my bags, spots and mini wrinkles around my eyes showing already. Looks like I'll be trying the other two out very soon!


We all love Lush for their scrummy bathroom products and creamy body creams.
I was given the Mask of Magnaminty. 
It smells like a basket full of mint! I've heard so much on this product and wanted to try it but never got round to getting to a Lush store. So glad I was given this in my goody bag!
I've been getting spots on my face the past few days so this has really helped it stay down and not get red.
Definitely recommend!


  1. I love the mask of magnaminty!! xxx