ASOS mini haul

Now I know I keep doing mini hauls but I'm not one
to go into a shop or go online and buy heaps of stuff in one go
A) I'm on a budget here till I find a job
B) I don't like buying a load of stuff in one go in ONE shop
- I like a range of products!

So I had my eye on this shirt for a while and it had been on my wish list for a while too.
Funny thing is it started off at £25 then it went down to £17.50 and then it became £12.50
I was like ERM HELLO if I don't buy it now it won't ever be as low of a bargain as it is!
But weep weep...
I was extremely disappointed when I did end up opening the package :(
The material was very, and I mean VERY thin.
The ends of the sleeves and bottom of the shirt were cut off and not tucked in and sewn. 
I guess that is the style of it but you couldn't tell on the website. Didn't like it :(
Oh and the size 12 was SO BIG either I've turned into a skinny minnie (I haven't)
or the size was way off (it was)
The pockets on the shirt made me look like I had saggy tits loool
The only thing I DID like was the purple trims. It's so cute! I may have to a D.I.Y job 
myself to achieve that look as I haven't seen that on a shirt anywhere 
That is being returned back I'm afraid

Onto the tie dye sandals
Oh my gosh these are beautiful. So light and so easy to walk in
I might have to put some plasters on the back of my ankles though because
it does rub when I walk but I don't care. 
They were on sale for a whopping £11 !!!
Last pair as well that were my size, size 4 
Going on holiday with me ;)


  1. I love your shirt! Super pretty :-) Great post.


  2. I'm obsessed with collars and the collars in this shirt are soooo pretty! Thanks for checking out my blog and I followed you on bloglovin xxxx

  3. Absolutely love the tie dye sandals, gorgeous! Great blog post! :)

  4. omg! i love the tie dye platforms, i have to get! <3
    im subscribing!

  5. ugg i cant figure out how to subscribe -_-

    1. Hey you Cali girl, what are you trying to subscribe to let me help you out? :)