Summer Holiday Haul

So I popped into Primark the other week to see what bargains were about
the sale aisle because I normally do pick up some unique stuff for a bargain
I found some nice summer tops that I thought would be a great start to packing my suitcase
for my summer holiday (Even though its months and months away haha)

 I spotted this jumper and thought it would look gorgeous on my sister
So she snapped it up haha!

This is one of my favourites as the colours are cute, it's chic and black ribbon really
adds a twist to the top

When I go on holiday to Turkey I don't like wearing low cut
tops as we normally see family and some guys are a bit pervy
so don't want to attract the wrong attention. 
I'm quite conservative with what I wear and this top isn't 
low and the pattern is so bold and pretty! It's a high low top

This is a favourite too. The material is PERFECT for summer it's cotton
and won't make you sweat at all. I love the colours too

Another top I spotted for my sister was this.
She likes presentable/comfy stuff even though she is 13 haha 
She obviously loved it and added it to her jumper purchase
Although I'm not sure how much it was I think it was £5

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