Motel Rocks Sample Sale

Hey girls!
As you know yesterday I worked for a few hours at the Motel Rocks sample sale
I was given £17.50 store credit to spend on whatever I wanted in the 
sample sale and I bagged up these two beauties.
There was only one of this top and I love it!
It can easily glam up a pair of light washed jeans
and the dress is SO 60's.
Can easily wear a black/white polo neck underneath. And it is quite sheer so obviously would need a slip or a long tank top that cover yer bum!

 These imaged I nabbed off Motel Rocks Instagram.
The clothes pic is from yesterday that the lovely Anita took who I was working with.
Just a shame no pics of me! LOL

And these are the girls working today.
LOL I only put this pic up to show you the skirt rail behind them
I put it all in pattern and colour order and it's still remained like that today!
hehehehe - give me a job please haha


Went to Sainos the other day and they had a massive sale in the clothing area.
So obviously me being me, I had to have a look and see if there was any hidden gems among the rubble.
And boy, what did I find!
This jacket is soooooo me
It was 35 pounds and had gone down to 17.50
Not exactly what I call a bargain. But hey, it IS a jacket and they don't come cheap
Especially this one which looks well glam!
Didn't expect a supermarket to actually have such a nice range of stuff to be honest,
just shows not to be judgemental!
I also found this faux fur headband. It looks well cute
Although I do feel like a monk with it looool

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