Benefit & 17 Haul & Chinwag

Hey girls!
I'm not feeling very well at the moment
Unpredictable pains which keep coming and going at odd hours
so I have to keep taking pills every 3 hours

But I have had photos waiting to be uploaded on the side so I
will not let you be bored to death without my input :)
And of course after sleeping so much (side effects of pills) I am up at 
this time watching BBC News :| LOL

Story behind this mini haul:
I took my sister out for her birthday to Tinseltown 
and shopping for her 13th - She's a teenager! Wahey
(Not really - Hormones are kicking in)
So we got to Boots and as you know I love a bargain 
and my eye just drew attention to the Benefit area and I saw three pots. 
One with lipstick, one with lipgloss and one with eyeshadows 
(eyeshadows were awful mind you)
And it said: "Everything £5"
I was like, are. you. serious.
Benefit lipstick for a fiver when it's what, £15 normally
(My sister got a lipgloss)
I checked all the Benefit stocked websites and NONE have these in stock
so it's most likely old stock they were trying to get rid of
Which only benefits me, Benefit! Haha
They are gorgeous colours, very sheer yet moisturising I will defo use them daily :)

My favourite has to be Pinking of You, It's a warm colour and 
Mod Squad is more of an icy pink with blue undertones but
it's very sheer so it doesn't make you look like Nicki Minaj,
If you know what I mean ;) loool

I also stumbled across a stand full of reduced goodies. Lots of polishes
But I already have LOADS of nail polish and thought there's no point
I've been raving on about buying a new foundation and I saw Corrie (From DizzyBrunette3)
using this foundation so I thought I might buy it, after all it was only £2... YES TWO POUNDS
Fuck my life. 
I thought the heavens opened the gates up to me
when I saw £2 written there

It does look VERY dark but I did swatch it on my skin the other day and it didn't look
THAT bad.... Even though it was quite dark in front of the mirror... maybe I'll look like a tacky Essex girl - who the hell cares haha

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