So my #AccessAllASOS package finally arrived the other day!
I was waiting for a different delivery (From ASOS haha) and when I 
opened the door to collect my delivery my package was waiting 
for me on my door mat! HURRAY it finally came!
I love how personalised my gifts are, a notebook and pens :)
Stationary addict, I am.
They have definitely chosen the right gifts for me I cannot stop doodling
or writing bits of stuff all over stuff so I really appreciate my gifts!
Thank you ASOS and the lovely message from Penny :)

[For those of you who don't know being part of #AccessAllASOS means I get to
receive invites to exclusive events which feature new collections and guest speakers and
lots of other funky stuff. We also get to socialise with the other #AAA members - amazing stuff!]


  1. Lucky! The notebook and pens are really cute! :) xx