Yuki Sample Sale

Now Yuki isn't really a brand I would sift through while at 
Topshops flagship store in London. But while I was walking through
the streets of Great Portland St I saw the sign "Sample Sale" and 
thought "Why not?".
Walked in and ACTUALLY they have quite some nifty stuff!
It's a range of what I would say a school librarian would wear (lollllss)
But it's NICE and PRESENTABLE stuff
I mean some stuff was just too pretty and ditzy!
Below is the big fluffy cardy I picked up for £15 in a s/m
Didn't want a big one and this fit perfectly.
Another I would say is their party/cocktail dresses are nice
Not so much the day time dresses as yet again they seem too librarian to me.
They had some gorgeous jackets/coats in there though!
Very nice pieces, you ought to go check it out on Great Portland St 
or in Topshops concession range.
It's one of those brands where there are great finds if you look through properly!
:) Hope you like it!


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