Weight loss journey

While I was in 6form I was told by my friend that
you either become a blob or you become a skinny minnie at uni.
I was hoping I'd become a skinny minnie. But the latter happened, of course!

While my first year of freshers started off with clubbing, drinking so much alcohol and as if that wasn't enough to bloat my boat, I then gorged on junk food at 3/4am in the morning.
Having endless amounts of Nandos on my second year of uni, it's safe to say 
I turned into a human chicken myself!
My last year of uni wasn't the easiest. 
My best friend was in the year above so she had graduated and I was left alone in a studio flat feeling less than social concentrating on my endless amounts of projects and not actually moving my ass, sitting in the same position for hours on end!

I wasn't happy, I was miserable with myself.
Then I happened to move back home to London
(Thank God)
& changed my lifestyle

- Stopped drinking alcohol and any fizzy drinks
- Cut out eating takeaways
- Made my portions smaller
- Started walking around more, you know just to the park and back. Nothing major!
- Cut out carbs majorly
The biggest difference was cutting out bread
Instead of eating bread I had walnuts.
Now being Turkish, you eat bread with every meal
Cut it out on the whole!
I also started a smoothie diet, where I would get a bunch of vegetables 
and fruit, whip it up and have it for lunch whenever I was hungry. 
I wouldn't skip breakfast or dinner, but made my portions smaller :)
I don't like rice (I know thats odd) but I didn't eat that anyway
Cut down on pasta too.
Still had meat and potatoes!

It was more of keeping my mouth shut than anything
And that is how I lost weight guys. 
It was painful not having chocolate as much, but it was worth it.
I've stopped my smoothie drinking for 2 months now.
I still don't eat bread with my meals unless I go Maccies.
I still don't have takeaways, maybe McDonalds once a week/fortnight
I still don't drink fizzy drinks or alcohol.

It's about keeping everything going without dropping your diet. 
You can't lose weight and drop your new food intake, you'll put the weight back on quickly.

I'm still not comfortable with my body, there's still weight to lose.
I've dropped a dress size and I'm half way there on dropping another dress size!

I hope this has helped anyone who's trying to lose weight, 
if you have any questions do comment below or if you would prefer to message me privately email me oykuyigit@hotmail.co.uk

Good luck on your journey!



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