In Love With Fashion Sample Sale!

So today I went along to Love's sample sale
There was some cute pieces in there and I picked up a few stuff
One which was a one off sample piece (£10)
And I bought that for my sisters birthday coming up next month
I wish it was my size :( haha
A few photos of the mini haul will be up in a few days
The only problem I had was the clothes were either too big or too tiny
So it was a bit of a mission to find the right sizing :)
Other than that I bought a hanky panky bright pink top
- Which might not even cover my boobs as I haven't tried it on :|
- Sisters dress
- Floral dress
- A glitzy cardigan

 The lovely Danielle from TOWIE

 This kaftan was gorgeous as soon as I left it on the side for a few seconds 
some lady pounced on it and I regret it a lot :( 
Dang it!

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