GFC rant

So today has been a complete nightmare on the bloggers front via Blogspot
thanks to Google and their forceful way of pressuring 
bloggers to start using Google+. 
Their solution? Eliminating Google Friend Connect 
aka GFC.
There's sooo many bloggers out there who have many followers
or some who have just started out
or the few, like me, who have had a blog for over 3 years 
but still have a handful of followers.
Don't bother me really
What bothers me is the FORCE that Google is using to get bloggers
to use Google+.
I mean I don't know about you but I don't really like Bloglovin' 
and I certainly can't be bothered with Google+.
Yes call this a rant in itself, whatever
Just really peed me off at the sneaky way of removing GFC at midnight.
So annoying.
Here's another way of adding followers though via
You just won't have a widget

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