D.I.Y Faded out black jeans into ultra black jeans

So I've done a dye job before, with a shirt I made into a purple tone.
( You can view that blog post HERE )
But this time I've been really wanting to do my Topshop "black" jeans.
I've got three Leigh black jeans, one I bought in October so that didn't need doing
but the other two were a year or two old and the colour had faded so much it looked horrid!
They've been just sitting in the back of my wardrobe waiting to be dyed while I wore my Joni and Leighs.
So finally I bothered to get up and dye them!

I decided to dye two jeans, now you can dye any amount, but be wary on which dye you get
If you're dying something small I'd say the smaller Dylon packet is best
(That's what I used on my purple shirt)

1. DYLON Wash & Dye - Velvet Black - £5.99
2. DYLON Salt - £1.00
3. Big bucket (To use for the dying process)
4. Container (To prep the dye)
5. Stick/Brush/Something to stir with
6. Scissors/knife (If you use a bottle you want to cut it)
8. Washing machine

Get a container, and cut it.
I cut up a 5kg water bottle lol!
You don't even need this much but I wanted it to be large so it wouldn't splatter anywhere

Fill your container with cold water.
The amount of water I put in was the first line from the bottom of the bottle.

Pour all of your dye mixture into the cold water.

Using your stick/brush/whatever quickly stir the powder in the container.
If you don't stir constantly it builds up at the bottom and it turns into a rock solid form.
You don't want that at all!

This is what it should look like

Fill up your bucket with hot water.
Make sure it's full enough to cover the amount of clothes you are dying.

Pour in your salt and mix to dissolve.
(I decided to pour in 3/4 of the packet)

Dampen your garments.
What I did was wet it in the bath, literally soaking wet and let it wait in the corner till I sorted my dye out.
It really doesn't make a difference if it's "wet" or "damp" still works either way.

Pour in your dye mixture into the warm water in your bucket.

Stir with your stick.

Plomp your garments into the dye!
And make sure you don't literally plonk it in, don't want dye all over your bathroom now do you?

Every 15 minutes you're meant to stir the garments so all areas are covered.
I was too busy watching Christmas movies! Uh Oh
But yet again, it didn't make a difference!
I did however stir every hour from 8pm till 11pm
I then went to sleep and left it in there over night.

Good morning!
It's now 10am
Your garments are now ready and waiting to be washed :)

Pour the dye into the bath and let it run.
Then take your jeans out and rinse them with cold water.
Now I have to admit this was a painful stage where you have to stand there for ages rinsing it.
The first stage you see black dye water
Second stage you see grey water
And the last stage where you know its nearly full rinsed is the brown water,
as you can see below.

After you've rinsed them, squeeze all the water out of them and place in a clean basket
Or like me, re-use your bucket.
Then quickly take it to your washing machine and put it into a cold wash!

Make sure you dry them on a surface that won't get stained.
My radiators didn't. Plus the heat from it makes it dry quicker in these Winter months.
And if you have a tumble dryer, lucky you!
(This is the jeans fully dried - so you can really tell they've gone ultra black!)

And this is the difference between the jeans I bought a few months ago (The one I am wearing)
And the one I just dyed.
I don't think it's that obvious thanks to the lighting

And there you go!
Fourteen steps to dying your black jeans :)
Any questions?
Leave a comment below 

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