Beauty Bag Bam-Bam-Bino

Excuse my weird title but it's as weird as it gets.
If any of you are on Twitter then you KNOW I am going through
some crazy issues. Not literally, just going a bit looney.
Like I changed my Twitter name to
"Rapperess: Don Kuku"
Who the fuck does that? Me, I do
Then I went through some stages of bringing out that poet in me
Sorry such bullshit, back to this AH-MEZ-ING BAG
It popped up on my FB feed and I was like HEYLL YES
Me needs, me wants
Givenchy is always on point with their bags. 
I always see my fashion idol Ciara carrying around a G
And this fits perfectly for winter
"Winter Floral Fresh"
That's what it looks like.
Team it up with an all black outfit, too sexy.

So yeah, if you didn't know then you know now that I have a few screws loose in my head :) But that's the best part of life isn't it? Laughing and living through the stressful days!

1 comment:

  1. hehehehe i love this bag! it is amazing!! no screws loose u have great taste ;)
    - Andrea