Winter Essentials! with InLoveWithFashion

Hello guys!
Been a while since I last did a post
(When the hell was that?!)
No idea,
But I'm back with this
"Winter Essentials" post
As you know I love Winter
And right now I'm diggin' BLACK & FOREST GREEN
Two of those colours really suit each other
and are super wearable.
They're both dark and mysterious,
defining Winter!
- For everyday wear I've chosen a black fluffy jumper which will look 
mega cute with a cream shirt and a tartan skirt.
- The lace green dress is a staple to an outfit so I would definitely say it's either a birthday piece, or a dining out piece. Would look superb with platform ankle boots and those cute butterfly hair clips.
- The pleather pon pleather dress (As I like to say) would be a sexy outfit for a party.
Team it up with a HUUGE black fur coat and you would be MEOWed at ;)
- Next item is a forest green fluffy shaggy coat. It would look really sweet with a tartan dress
preferably this one I've fallen in love with
(I couldn't fit it into one image! so here's the link for the tartan dress)
Or you can always wear it with pleather pon pleather leggings/trousers and converses.
Or Supergas, just because you can.
And last but not least, this stunning baroque skirt. OMG AMAZEBALLS.
I love this skirt I think its sexy and different and will go with anything. If you want to wear it in the day you can team it up with the fluffy black jumper and a shirt or you can take it to the night with thigh high sexy boots, the Crown & Glory Rosie headband and a sheer blouse.
God I feel flustered.
What a gorgeous bunch of clothing :)
Do check out the items above and let me know what your faves are!

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