Spice up your Life!


This isn't fashion related. It's more of a music post.
A post about GERI HALLIWELLS return to the music industry!

I already said that didn't I?

So last month she brought out a new song with a new video. 
Reminds me a bit of Miley Cyrus's VMA performance 
with the big bears *OH DEAR*
Not so keen on the song either...
Have a listen below and let me know what you think!
Although I'm not waiting for any positive comments LOL


She was part of the Spice Girls and that's why she gets a free pass into my ears. 
Although my favourite spice girl was Posh Spice. 

In Nursery back when I was a liddle diddle 
my best friend (Who is still my best friend till this age!) 
made our group have our own personas and 
be one of each of the spice girls. She became Baby Spice, 
because she was a cutie, definitely alike. 
And of course I chose Posh Spice, but 
my other friend had a bob cut and thought she would be more suitable. 
Me no care, me be posh. 
And I DID get posh. HAH, definitely part of the spice girls! 
I find it peculiar that I chose the girl who turned out to be a fashion designer, 
and here I am, I haven't bagged a Becks look alike yet but 
I have bagged myself a fashion related blogging hobby. 
DAVID BECKHAM??? My hunt is still on

I loved the spice girls so much when I was younger, 
the 90s was the perfect year in my eyes. 
You had so many idols that were GOOD albeit some were 
naughty (Ginger Spice wasn't at all an angel now was she? Neither was Mel B!) 
But as young girls we looked up to them, 
their friendship was exactly how every friendship should be. 
They were great idols to look up to :) 
But now the girlband/boyband era is over. 
And yes I do know One Direction exists, 
but I really don't give a flying toss about them. 
They're not COOL like the bands back in the 90s. 
Now we have the likes of male singers promoting domestic violence, 
numerous amounts of singers promoting drug abuse and 
the likes of many female singers promoting sexuality. 
It is not right!!! 
I feel like this openness has opened up a generation of monsters. 
You shouldn't know about sex till you have sex education. 
You shouldn't smoke weed let alone have it on a daily basis and get "high" 
and you definitely shouldn't knock your girl about. 
I know these things seem to be "cool" and no one is an angel, 
we've all tried one or the other in our life 
but let our children be children, you won't be a child again. 
It should be about my little pony and mcdonalds and beanie babies 
and barbie and karaoke machines and the power rangers.

Well yeah, I don't know where this post has ended up in, 
but I hope you liked reading this and reminiscing about your childhoods. 

Just to make it fashion related I've attached COOL photos of The Spice Girls!


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