River Island Wants!

Well hello there after what seems like AGES
of not posting funky cool lovely fashionable fashion posts
*feels awesome*
HAH so hope you've all had a wicked week and I am 
back with a post on things I am LOVING from River Island at the moment
Now I do have to say as a company, I think River Island is very unprofessional
So here goes my little story.

I had an interview with River Island a month back for a sales assistant role and there was about 20 of us in the interview area. We waited 20 minutes and it turns out the two managers weren't coming in.
Forget coming in, they didn't even bother ringing to say they weren't attending, 
the company didn't even KNOW which managers were meant to attend and 
they didn't even apologise either.
How ridiculous!
Really got me fuming.
I have heard from friends of friends who work for the 
company that it isn't the best place to work for.
Which is such a shame I hope they sort out there customer 
service because they are lacking in that aspect.

Anyway so I was browsing the site and I found some AH-MAZING garms
Obviously out of my price zone but they are wants more than needs so it doesn't bother me

The bottom one is SOOOO cute
I can just imagine wearing it with lightwash denim jeans and thigh high boots
In fact you can do the same with the jacket above.

These two red accessories make me feel HAWTT 
So hot I want them - Both
Two bad I go and end up liking the pricey things *sigh*

these two blue leather combos are my favourite
I've been eying it up ever since it hit the online store
I've ALWAYS said I've wanted an electric blue jacket
And I get that plus a beautiful motif on the sleeves
Wish it weren't £180

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