Perfume Samples & Carmex

 C A R M E X

Believe it or not,
I've never actually had the original Carmex before
I've just bought the Cherry flavoured one every time
it ran out or got lost somewhere.
Nevertheless I actually like this!
Although if you've never tried this before:
When you swipe it on your lips you can feels tingles 
of mint and smells of Vicks VapoRub
I still love it though
More than Vaseline

T A Y L O R  B Y  T A Y L O R  S W I F T

Yuck. I hated this scent.
My sister loved it
(She's 12)
It's sickly sweet and it has this weird smell in the backdrop
which I can't figure out but it bugs me every time my sister sprays it on
It actually ANNOYS me
Yes, this bitch be bananas

J O O P !  M I S S  W I L D

OMG all in all this is my FAVE sample
that has arrived through my letterbox
I literally spray it when I'm out and about 
It's smells girly it's intense but it's not as strong and I would say
One spritz is good for a few hours
I sprayed it 5 times in one spot and I nearly died.
Do not do that EVER

G U C C I  G U I L T Y

Once upon a time I bought Gucci Guilty for myself
But being a broke ass student on my first year I had to give it back as I needed the money
Oh the shame
But it smells GOOD
Definitely a fragrance a man should buy for his love
And so is the male perfume, BUY THIS WOMEN

M O D E R N  M U S E - E S T E E  L A U D E R

This smelt really nice. My mum had a sniff and she was blown away. 
A very mummy perfume I would say! 
It's quite floral but light, she has migraines so you can tell how light it is.
Very nice all in all I would say it would be a cracking prezzy for xmas

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