New Purchase! & How to fix a broken brooch :)

Now the other week I bought a brooch from Pixie Chains
It came wrapped in pink tissue paper and inside this drawstring pouch
I took it out and the pin was broken :(
I was very upset! Been meaning to buy it for a while
After tweeting about it to Pixie Chains they kindly sent me a new one free of charge
I checked and the new one was very stable.
If you can tell by the photos the broken one literally looked 
like it crumbled off or broke off - I have no idea
So I didn't know what to do with the old one as it's too beautiful to leave it on the side
So I had an all purpose glue and fiddled about with it for a good 
10 minutes as everytime I tried to glue the pin on it wasn't stable enough. 
After three tries I managed to keep it firmly in place 
(I guess this glue isn't so "sticky" and "all purpose" as I thought it was)
Pixie Chains is a very lovely company I have featured them on my blog before they are VERY cheap yet the quality is good - Apart from this minor blow but it was dealt extremely well straight away and I am glad I got it because it so pretty it would look well as collar tips for Christmas or Winter or any other day!

Check them out here > Pixie Chains

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