My heart goes bananas for... Mens fashion!

So this is part of my on going selection of posts
reflecting on my talented followers on Twitter.
But it's clear to say I was extremely disappointed when
I looked through to hunt down my favourites.
Now don't get me wrong, just because I write blog
posts mainly for a female audience it don't mean I
don't feature stuff for men. I DO however have
many male fashion brands following me on Twitter
and if you've followed me for the past three years
you probably do know I do pop a male blog post every 
now and again.
Nevertheless, I was so bloody frustrated at seeing
so many independent labels with the same old same
tshirt designs with typical quotes and horrible 
typefaces ('Fonts' for you non-graphic designers)
It made me, in a way, angry!
If you have the courage to set up your own business
then you should know that in order to get money
rolling in you need a sense of direction
and in that sense, you need to ditch
the amateur tshirts and have originality
in your brand.
I know that my opinion is shared with 
other MALES because they tweeted
saying they agreed! So if you WANT
to make your business a success and want
to see dollar signs (Or pounds in this case)

Just had to put that across in an essay.
Now to my actual post about my favourite two brands
on Twitter. Count yourself amazing if you're here. 
It means your brand is quality and carry on producing
such amazing designs and cuts!

R A B B I T H O L E  

My favourite piece is this coat!

The jacket above is a 2in1 
- You can unzip the front and it becomes a vest top!
How cool is that?

I couldn't have as many photos as I wanted as I have one other
brand to write about but Rabbithole London is AMAZING
This is by far my favourite brand for men it has such unique pieces
that I haven't seen around. The prices are a bit of a splash but I totally
think it's worth it. You can't buy originality like this anywhere else
for a decent price!!!! You should seriously check out
the website as there are more cool pieces!

K I N G  O F  A C E S

This is the second brand that showed me talent.
And in no way, shape or form am I trying to promote
fashion regarding religion. That's one thing I don't do.
It's like how a cross seems to be in fashion,
or how rosary beads were in fashion ages ago.
I've never purchased none because I'm not a 
Christian/Catholic/RomanCatholic etc
I don't find it right to purchase items with religious symbols
that I do not believe in.
No way.
But if you do however believe in these religions
and these clothing items appeal to you then
PLEASE DO buy these. They're gorgeous!
They would look so good with a leather jacket
or a denim jacket (In Summer a sleeveless studded 
denim jacket would look amazing)
They're awesome staple items for your wardrobe!

Do you have a brand aimed for a male audience
and you have confidence that it's amazing?
OR follow me on Twitter > @OykzBlue

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