MotelRocks Party Favourites

So here's a bunch of dresses/jumpsuits I find highly appropriate 
for a night out in the city with a bunch of cocktails!
The bottom dress is my favourite it's a very versatile dress
which you can wear in the day-time with black tights and chunky boots
or take it to the night with platform heels.
Hey-ho you can even tuck it into a leather skirt.
I think it's AMAZING
And of course, you can use my code on the 
MotelRocks website for discount! 
Make sure you do ;)
My discount code is: 'oyku'
Yes it's as simple as that :)

Motel Isabelle Mesh Sleeve Dress in Neon Scales Yellow 

Motel Marsha Sequin Bodycon Dress in Burgundy

Motel Raven Catsuit in Black Velvet

Motel Tabby Lace Back Maxi Dress in Black Velvet

Motel Zabby Turtleneck Dress in Black And Green Sequin 

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