House of Peroni

When Vogue is involved, we ALL want to be involved!
And this week a special event is opening up it's doors to us all
Now you need to be over 18 to attend, 
(Sorry to you teens, but yes, you are underage to drink alcohol)
Italian Vogue photographer Miles Aldridge has captured an 
essence of what is in store of The House of Peroni opening event.

Now for the details of what inspired Italian stallian Aldridge:

"Miles has taken inspiration from Italian director, Federico Fellini's era defining film, 8 ½. He was inspired by a scene from the 1963 Academy Award winning film, originally featuring actress Sandra Milo, who he has replaced by Italian model Lorena Manelli. The model wears the latest collection by Italian fashion designer Antonio Marras with accessories by Simone Rainer."

“I have long been inspired by Italian film, especially the movies of Fellini," said Miles Aldridge, “I jumped at the chance to convert my fascination with Italian fashion into this image, bringing to life this fascinatingly strange and beautiful woman and am thrilled the final version of the image will be showcased at The House of Peroni.”

No, it isn't just you that has realised this is all very ITALIAN.
Well HELLO, The House of Peroni celebrates every aspect
of success to do with Italians! :)

Down below is the stunning photograph Miles Aldridge has taken.
I think the mix of vibrant colours of orange and pink really embrace 
our thoughts of Italians and their loud, confident, charismatic and beautiful nature.
Not to forget fashionable, let's DEFINITELY not forget that.
And I can't help but laugh at the bucket of chicken, 
it's SO Italian. Food and laughter is very much what we associate them with. 
Let's not forget the shot concept comes from Federico Fellini's movie '8 ½'
Which goes to show, nothing has changed!
Food and fashion still go hand in hand with Italians.

 Below is his inspirations and drawings pre-photograph
Don't you just adore the WHOLE wardrobe?
I should just marry an Italian, I know

 Behind the scenes :) Wish I was there

 Concepts on paper

(No not the drinking kind)

OMG totally in love with the gold tassel heels and the black one!

Isn't she gorgeous!

I really admire how Aldridge has chosen just
a very few props and a bunch of dominating colours 
and somehow, with such a minimal handful of things he has
seriously been able to portray an Italian.
He's so talented, no wonder he has come so far in his career
and is Italian Vogue's photographer.

Now to go into the details of the opening of The House of Peroni.
The event will be FANTABULOUS to say the least
It sounds like fun with so much activities to do 
I think who ever has organised it has done a very good job at that.

The doors will open at:
(Yes that's in 2 days and damn me for being so late with this post!)

Designed by award-winning architect and co-designer of the Enzo Ferrari museum Andrea MorganteThe House features two beautifully designed bars, a luxurious cinema which will be screening Fellini’s 8 ½ as well as a series of contemporary Italian films.  A number of other fashion installations throughout The House will allow guests to discover new wave Italian designers such as Arthur Arbesser and Fabio Quaranta, and the mesmerising video installation by artist Quayola whose work has previously shown at the V&A and takes viewers on an immersive journey into the bedrock of Italian art and culture. 

Michelin starred chefs the Costardi brothers have created a menu inspired by their love of Italian fashion and film which is complemented by an experimental menu of Peroni Nastro Azzurro infused drinks created by master mixologist Gerry Calabrese both of which will be available throughout The House all day. 

Choose from a range of both ticketed and non-ticketed events every evening in The House - create a bespoke scent guided by a professional perfumier - master the art of mixology with Gerry Calabrese - or taste the evolution of traditional and contemporary Italian cuisine with Street Feast and Italian Supper Club. 

Visit to find out more!

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