Haul Time!

So here's a bunch of stuff I bought. 
Half of it was for my interviews,
as you know I'm an unemployed graduate!
And I'm definitely not a bum, 
so having a smart outfit for interviews is a must.
The really cool swirly wrist bangles I thought would 
look great when wearing a shirt, they are gorgeous!
My mini elephant earrings are sooo cute I love them so much
They're both from Forever 21!
My red bow hat is what my mama bought me 
from a Matalan Outlet store for only... £2.00 :O shocking
My shoes were on sale at Dorothy Perkins 
and I bought them for £17 :)
Although they are a big big even though I bought a size 4!
Any idea on what to do to make it not flop off my feet in the middle of the street?
(That's exactly what happened to me - VERY EMBARRASSING) 
That was also bought for my interview as well as the
white shirt from Primark for £11 (??I think)
And the blazer I bought in the Summer time for my previous interviews
(LOL I like being prepped up for interviews)
That was from New Look for £25 I THINK
I can't remember
My wedges are from the teen section of New Look
And those are for my graduation :)))
Just over a week away
And yes I have bought my dress but that is a future post!
I also bought a medium pack of black dye, it does say for 
washing machine use so I'm hoping it won't do 
anything funny on my jeans when I hand dye them.
And last but not least my fluffy black jumper from Primark
For £10!
It was on my birthday wishlist and I bought it :)
Size 10 and it fits, wahey