Birthday Wishlist

November 24th Baby!
I'm gonna be the big ol' age of 22
*hums Taylor Swift song*
Well right
For my birthday wishlist I've literally
summed up stuff I need....
No that's bullshit 
Obviously it's a bunch of stuff I want
Most the items are stuff I would like to
team up as my birthday outfit.
I've planned to go out to a restaurant/bar/shisha venue
with my dear friends (my close girlfriends that is)
So it's a casual place and the stuff I've chosen are mega casual too
All decent priced but I'm a broke ass biyatch
So I can't afford majority.
I'm loving shirts at the moment and I want to team
it up with nice fluffy jumpers or 
any jumper that is generally soft to be honest.
The white and black jumper below is from H&M
But I'm sure there's dupes everywhere
(Including Primark - but they don't have
a website.. even though BBC news
just announced they've done a huge turnover :S)
So yeah I'm just a shirt and jumper girl at the moment
Anything will do in my eyes (Well not just anything)
But I love the polka dot shirt/red shirt from H&M
And I'm in love with this jumper dress from Zara
It's so snuggly
Especially teamed up with boots, a snood and coat.
Speaking of snoods I'm loving this forest green snood
Staple piece to my black on black outfits :)
And I like this pleather skirt
It would be so suitable for my birthday
teamed up with black tights, heeled chelsea boots
a nice blouse, jumper and jacket
The black and white lapel will make a 
difference to all of my jacket/coats
It literally looks like you have ANOTHER jacket
but with white/black fur
LOL.... I wish
OOOOO totes forgot this AMAZEBALLS skirt
from Topshop! It's sooooooooooooo nice I love it
It's brown - I haven't got anything that's brown
Okay so I do have brown jackets but not a skirt/jeans/tops

my ULTIMATE birthday want
And I would be soooooo happy if I do end up having
this in my hands but at the price of £80
I'm kinda pushing it really.
I just love these caged heels from Zara
It's another staple item I would wear with my 
outfit number 2 at my birthday if outfit 1 failed.
I would wear it with black jeans, a nice blouse, jacket/blazer/coat
That's it really
A girl can dream right?


  1. that skirt is amazing!! just followed your blog xx

  2. Great Wishlist I have a Polka dot shirt just like that x

    1. Followed your blog your blog is amazing! (Especially your blog banner) Would love a follow back please ^_^

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