Birthday Presents

24th November was my birthday and I got a bunch of cute stuff
I have to thank my friends for their lovely presents
Especially my girlie of 19 years for arranging a lovely surprise for me
It was a cute surprise with her boyfriend buying me a cake too!
Very thoughtful of them :)))
That's the type of friendship I love, the small details are always
the most important ones
Oh and the gifts she bought me I LOVED
So below is a bunch of stuff from my friends, mum and nan
Oh and my sister bought me a £10 Debenhams vouchers 
and some money from uncle and aunties
I am definitely NOT feeling 22 Taylor Swift haha

Polishes on the left from Zee (& the eye mask) and the right from Dee & Zel

Mama bought me a necklace with my name engraved on it - how sweet!

Cute bits and bobs Zel And Dee bought

Zee bought me this bunch of lovely make-up
I am LOVING the palette I would def recommend it
And review coming soon!

Cute and very spacious make-up bag from Zee

The very pigmented palette :)

And a hot pink scarf from my nana which I ADORE I love the colour
It really compliments my complexion

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