2013 Beauty Advent Calendars - Disappointment

To be perfectly honest with you girls, I'm pretty disappointed in this years beauty advent calendars.
I haven't seen much around, just these. 
And compared to 2012 there's not much either.
I really liked this Benefit one, till I noticed it's out of stock.
Then I looked at the "You" advent calendar, and it's mainly based for my mum.
Then there's Ciate. Just a bunch of polishes. Polishes which I have enough of.
And then we have the Boots one. Looking at last years one it doesn't look
very appealing. I mean they put an Ivory shade foundation in there :S
And they have 17 products and Carmex and etc
Stuff I already have. And don't find "special" enough to dish out £30 
Especially when it's full of perfume samples too. Which are free normally
So I'm not happy.
If there's a beauty advent calendar you know about do tell me!
As these are not look so good :(

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