Perfume Reviews

Aura - Swarovski

This is one of those perfume that smell nice at the first sniff
But then you'll probably end up with a headache 
because it's got that type of strong scent to it
Great if you like the strongness of fragrances
But definitely not my cup of tea
Its got a predominant floral scent 
and an underlying fruity scent

Roberto Cavalli - Roberto Cavalli

The first thing I noticed when spritzed this onto a piece 
of paper was that it had a yellow tint to it.. So probably 
not a good idea to spray it onto a white blouse - yikes!
I smelt this and I went back to smell it again and again... 
Until I realised the smell was stuck to my nostrils and I 
didn't need to refill any more smells into my system
It's a fragrance that smells sexy and sensual
and would probably something you would spray 
yourself twice before you go for a date
Twice.. Because yes again it's a strong smell
And this time I'm starting to feel my head banging :\
Other than that I don't think it's much of a day-time fragrance
Definitely for night-time use :)

Miss Dior - Dior

... A bad OMG
I've never really got along with sniffing Dior perfumes
They just don't seem to smell appealing to my nose
But when I smelt this, this is what my brain was visualising:
An old granny in her rocking chair with a waft of 
this powdery perfume surrounding her
No... Just no...
100% a perfume I steer clear of
I really despise intense powdery smelling perfumes
If I was 98 I wouldn't use it EVER
Sorry. Packaging cute, name cute, fragrance nasty!

Whisper - Ghost

This smell is nice
It smells light, floral 
But its definitely not an intense perfume
So it will be great for the day time
But don't spray too much
because THEN it will smell deadly and powerful 
and flies won't even go near you

(I know I seem very negative about these fragrances but FLORAL is def not something I like too. I do get migraines so I prefer something sweet and fruity - It's less powerful)

Chance - Eau Tendre - Chanel

Well as you can tell I've loved off this so much there's nothing left in the sample bottle.
And yet again I have come to realise how much I ADORE this perfume
It's a more of a fruity and a little bit of a floral scent.
But every time I smell it, I swap to more floral, less fruity.
It's absolutely gorgeous
One spray and it's enough to last you hours on end.
I was going to buy this but the lady at the 
counter swayed me to the eau Fraiche one
Which I'm not gutted about, it's a scent that smells 
very sporty and when I want to smell fresh I go for that.
But anyway back to Tendre, it's a 100% a girly scent
You won't be disappointed and it's WORTH the money

Euphoria - Calvin Klein

It smells oriental and sexy
I wouldn't say its fruity... At all
It's very woody and floral
But it actually smells alright!
I could imagine you spray it before you get on 
the tube and the guys are sniffing you
Which sounds weird
But that's what popped into my head...

Alien - Thierry Mugler

By far my most favourite musky, woody, floral perfume
which is very powerful- It smells sexual!
"Look at me boys, don't I smell and look good?"
And then you walk down the red carpet with 
your glitzy hooker-ish discoball gown
And the muskyness hits every guy standing around
Jesus, that sounds awesome
..I think

I reaaaally like this and wanted to purchase it a few years ago 
When I was around 18 it just really appealed to me but I guess 
it makes more sense to buy it now as it's more age appropriate.
Am I the only one who thinks perfumes appeal to certain ages?
Teens and young adults find fruity scents more appealing 
and when you hit 30+ I guess you like more musky 
and floral scents and less of the fruity... I wonder if that is true
(I'm 21 and I still prefer fruity)

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