You've probably seen my Organix shampoo about 100 times already LOL 
But it's the only thing that is compatible with my stressful scalp
For three years now I've been having a problem scalp which annoys 
the fuck out of me because I can't do whatever I want with it. GRRR
So I've decided to buy and use this penetrating oil from Organix alongside 
the shampoo and see if it does do me wonders or not. I shall let you know!
Organix have brought out a range of more shampoos.
I've got my eyes on a few but they haven't been introduced yet to the UK.
The ones that have been aren't useful for my poor old scalp LOL
I'll probably give Grapefruit Mango Butter a go it seems compatible for my scalp
I've tried the Macadamia Oil and it really didn't go down well
Made my scalp horrid! 
The coconut one is really good too.
You can buy all of them here & here
See Below for the ones you can find in the UK!

I've also been using my Clean & Clear blackhead scrub for 
a while it's nearly finished so I thought I'd get a new one. 
I love Garnier it's the number one brand I use to remove 
my make-up, very good on skin.
I'll let you know how this scrub goes too!

I've literally lost track of my previous posts but I don't think 
I've introduced you properly to my Furla bag?
I went to Bicester Village in Oxford
(The GO TO place for reduced price designer)
And as soon as I saw the Furla sign I just remembered a 
bloggers post about a clear plastic baby pink bag
(Do you know what I'm trying to explain? LOL)
Anywho so I went in and I instantly fell in love with this!
They didn't have the bags I was on about because they were
 in this season and they only bring out last seasons stock
Thought it was a great deal

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