Sleek Contouring & Blush Palette Light

Well what can I say
This is my first ever purchase of Sleek Cosmetics.
I've been trying to get my hands on the 
Rose Gold blush for months!
But it was ALWAYS out of stock
Then I ended up at Superdrug the other 
day and I saw it was stocked
and I literally threw my hands all over it 
(Even though there was LOADS there)
Then I spotted this beauty
I love my bronzers/contouring so I was
sucked into this as well.
Why buy one blush for around £4.49
When you can get a blusher, highlighter AND contour 
for around £9.99?
I know right, makes so much sense
Makes SOOOOOOO much sense
So so so much sense
So yeah, I bought it
What the heck, it's not like you can walk into MAC
and buy three products for this amount.
And I haven't used it yet but when I swatched 
the product it was literally difficult to get off
Which only means one thing:
So would I recommend this to you?
And no, I have no idea why I'm 
so late with this brand

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