Let me introduce you to the GIRLS

This is a post where I'm just showing you a bunch of my girlfriends!
There's some more but we don't seem to have photos together
How odd!

[Enjoying some girl time]

[Sleepover at Direns - Clearly eating healthy]

[Awful photo of me - BAD HAIR DAY]
[A photo of ALL of us - wish we had more!]
[Zee, Dee, Zels, Burc, Fundz]

 [Ziynet Su's Birthday]
[Burc, Cans, Zee]

 [Ziynet Su's Birthday Part 2]
[Cans, Zee, Dest]

 [Ziynet Su's 21st Bday]

 [Summer 2012 with Zee, Dee, Zels, Burc]

[Zee's 20th Bday with Desti, Zee, Gamze]

[When we were 17]
[Burc, Zee]

 [Graphic Design Degree Show with Emma!]

 [Uni Girls! - Missing them lots]
[Evelyn, Lauren, Mehreen, Kimmie]

 [Summer 2012 with my girly Mehak]

[Summer 2012 with my girly Mehak]

[With my beauts Nathalia at our sixth form leavers party]

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