Late Night Astrology Readings

It's like 1am here in London
(For those who aren't here)
and I've sat on my sofa looking online.
Mainly thanks to my mum who made
me Turkish coffee at 9pm and now I can't sleep. 
While she's fast asleep. Awesome!
Anyway so I was tweeting away when
I saw one of my favourite photographers
tweet about astrology and a book
she's been reading on it.
She told me the name of the book
and omg I NEED IT
And then I found myself
surfing the net for info on my
birth date and I came across some
generally shit ones and some really good.

I'm also crazy into Dreams too.
So these may be topics I might touch up on soon.
My mum has two REALLY good Turkish dreams books
But some things can't be found in them
as one is so ancient it's falling apart
and the other is recent but not as good as the oldie
I've found myself online numerous times googling
instead and there are really good interpretations
you just need to find the best websites.
Oh and back to the Astrology side of things,
my go-to magazine for a yearly review in the 
December issues is Glamour magazine.
Their readings are normally accurate

Now I was born on 24th November
Below I've added quotes that best describe me from
one of the websites I thought sounded near about spot on:

"24th November-The Birthday of Intrigue"

The way forward is…to understand that everyone feels out of place at times; 
 they just learn to hide it. You can do the same.
Luck maker
Practice that winning feeling 

When you vividly imagine yourself winning or succeeding it becomes a reality in your unconscious mind. As you change your expectation of yourself, both you and your luck will improve.

People born on November 24 tend to be energetic, outgoing and spirited individuals with the ability to strongly influence the opinions of others. They will never avoid problems or challenges, and are at their happiest and best when debating issues or troubleshooting for a solution. People are irresistibly drawn to their courageous spirit and exciting ideas, and the air of mystery that hangs around them only adds to their attraction.

It doesn’t matter how settled or secure the life of these people is, intrigue will never be far behind. Whether this manifests in situations or relationships that are complicated, or internal conflicts that are all-absorbing, there is always some kind of question mark in their lives and the outcome never appears certain. Although this means that their lives are never boring and are an endless topic of conversation for others, there will be times when they feel overwhelmed by feelings of uncertainty and confusion and unsure what their motivations are. They may aim for the top in their professional life only to find that the sacrifices they need to make are ones they are unwilling to make; or they may create an active social life, only to find that they long to be left alone.

The key to their success—and indeed to solving the mystery of their lives—is to simply accept themselves for who and what they are: highly unusual, creative and courageous individuals who can never fit into the mold because their destiny is to break it.

On the dark side
Confused, escapist, unaware

At your best
Interesting, spirited, attractive

Power Thought
A new attitude can change a stifling situation into one of joy

Would you like me to find your reading too? 
Just message me below in the comment box! Happy to help :)

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