Keyshia Cole for Steve Madden

I love Keyshia Cole for her beautiful voice
I always remember printing out her lyrics at school
and singing along with my mates in year 9
(I was such a loser what the hell - who the hell prints out lyrics loool)
I changed my mind was that one hit that got stuck on my mind for years
back to the fashion aspect of things
As you may know from my tweets I have been following
up on the Keyshia Cole for Steve Madden collection for a while
And finally I have seen the collection online!
It's currently available here
(America - They don't ship internationally
Which s a bummer seeing as most of my
followers are UK based)
If you do know where to get this collection 
in the UK or internationally, please do let me know!

Below are ALL of the heels
Which ones do you like?

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