What I'm Diggin'

So this is a "mini mood board" of ideas on what's currently on my wish list.
As you know I'm stocking up for Winter and it all starts with a new pair of jeans! 
I am an absolute lover of Leigh jeans. That's definitely getting bought soon.
Next thing is a leather skirt. I'm not sure if I will buy it on my next shopping venture 
but if there is a time where I come across a gorg one I will die. And buy it.
Let's not even go into boots. I think I've done WAY too many boots posts so you 
obviously know that's the first thing on my wish list. 
A trend I have fallen in love with is tortoiseshell. So pretty!
The clutch is very sophisticated, I know it's probably plastic but in my head 
I keep thinking it's hard as a rock. It's turning my taste buds on.
Below I've selected two that I like. One is a shirt and the other is a blouse.
Don't know which one I like more... Hmm
& oh em gee isn't that red hat absolutely gobsmackingly irresistibly yummy?
Okay maybe they weren't the right words to choose, but red goes 
so well with my brunette hair. I can pull that off 100% 
& 100% on my list ;)
End of my wish list is a choker and earrings. 
I want new jewellery it's a dying heaven on my jewellery stand - Hashtag not nice
Oh yeah and what would I do without make-up?
That's obviously in the wish list somewhere. Although I haven't decided what I want.
Maybe because I don't actually need anything......... Erm


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