Today I'm feeling shit. 
Let me tell you why
I have dedicated my three years to university, 
learning about graphic design, getting into great debt to secure myself a
 decent job with a good salary at the end of it
But no
Hell no
No person has given me the chance
I had a shot, I was messed about, the company didn't pay me
 so I didn't give my designs in and that was that.
I also did two UNPAID internships
I have applied for numerous amounts of jobs and not ONE LIVING SOUL 
has bothered to give me a helping hand.
Now tell me why I should even bother believing in myself seeing 
as none of these companies want to invest their time and money into me, 
I must be extremely shit at what I do to not bother hiring me
This is why I'm pissed off today
I have been for the past 3 months but I haven't really told anyone EXACTLY how I feel
It's not fair, it really isn't
You have those pompous egotistical arseholes who get jobs
And then you have those downright absolute shit designers who get jobs
..Then there's me
"Be patient"
How patient should I be? 
I've been doing unpaid internships since being out of uni
and unpaid freelance work while being AT uni just to get my portfolio together
Yet this doesn't seem to be enough.
No an ambitious Junior Graphic Designer who is hardworking and 
driven is obviously NOT ENOUGH for all of these companies!!!!!!!!!!!

Rant Over.

From a frustrated graduate graphic designer

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