I'm a speedy hen today aren't I?
Told ya I was gonna bump like thiiiiiiiis.
Sorry, anyway where was I.
I'm a Twitter addict 
(@OykzBlue for anyone who wants to follow me )
and I have a mixture of followers who are either 
graphic designers/magazines/clothing lines or boutiques.
This idea of a blog post has been on my mind for a while
and I originally decided to choose 3 twitter accounts to write about.
But I found myself in a wee hickey. 
I found 10!
But I narrowed it down to 5
(Thank God)
They are:

Here is an eccentric mix of dresses, jewellery, snapbacks, shoes designer and luxury leather/canvas bags.
I hope you like what you see!

First up is Mama's Boutique!
As far as I'm aware you can only contact them via Twitter. I can't see any website you can go onto.
Their clothes are all displayed on the photos. 
And all I can say is
Wish I was a skinny minnie so I can wear those spicy sexy dresses!!!
God damn guuuuurl
If you want to wear a dress and turn a million heads then THIS 
is the boutique to get a dress from.
Here are my favourites:

Sugalicious mm mm mmm. 
Sweeter than sugar
Spicier than chilli
..'Kay. I'll stop being corny.

Next up is Francesca Pina Jewellery.
I absolutely adore this girls taste in jewellery. 
Her designs are gorgeous they are so pretty and elegant 
Everything is hand made :)
You can order from her website below:

Just a few of what I'm loving!

Third one is Forbes and Lewis.
A luxury small leather and canvas goods company.
I think this was one of those where I had forgotten about but when I fell in love 
with the brand again I had to have it in my top 5 today! 
Even in the photos the goods look exceptionally luxurious and made with 
quality leather and canvas. You can really tell the difference between crapola and amazeballs ones.
A mix for men and women :)
They have their own website, check below

My faves of the collection:

The fourth Twitter love is Jelly x Cream
A playful, fun and exciting snapback brand based in London.
They have their own website:
This is another brand I've been dying to show my love 
for since we followed each other yonks ago.
I really really really LOVE the name
"Jelly and Cream"
Sounds so delish
And they are definitely delish ;)
They do a range of pom beanies, snapbacks and fold beanies.
I love the colour choices, you can match them with anything literally.
There's loads of companies producing snapbacks lately.
But I don't think they add up to the expensive looking quality like Jelly & Cream.

My faves of the collection:

And last but not least,
My favourite designer of the moment:

Olcay Gulsen

She's literally my idol right now.
She's Turkish!
And an entrepreneur :)
Start from scratch, built her own business and now has very successful businesses.
That's what I love to hear.
She made it.
And so will I.
One day :D
Apart from heels, she also designs clothes.
She even had Beyonce stunting in one of her dresses recently!
Realistically, I wouldn't be able to walk in these mega high heels.
But it's okay.
They can proudly sit on my display shelf.
I'll make a shrine for it.
Her website:

My favessssss:

[My favourite above :)))))))) ]

And that is all chicks!

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