Hey girls!
It feels like it has been FOREVER since I wrote a post, and it probably has been.

What a rollercoaster ride I have been on since finishing uni and trying to find a job. Working at two unpaid internships, one still going but in a week that internship will be over too. Talk about deadline stress. Then finding a job and it wasn't what I wanted, but the pay was "good"... Only for the company to turn into right unprofessional cocky bastards. Let's just say I didn't get paid when I worked my butt off. But no need to worry, their next issue didn't get published. Why you wonder, oh because clever ol' me did all the design work on my own laptop so the company couldn't get hold of anything. Hah in your face. Applying for jobs has literally been a nightmare but I'm getting by, I have hope and I have patience (or so I think I do). And have you realised how super speedy the summer holidays have gone past? I DIED yes I "DIED" because I couldn't go on holiday this year. I get really surprised on how people can afford 2+ holidays every year. As far as I'm concerned their salary isn't high so where is all the money comin' from bishes?!? Haha nevermind, hope everyone has had great holidays, there is a slight envy but not too much I just wish the best for everyone. Having a smile on your face is the most important thing because I've been to hell and I've been back and I wouldn't want no one to be in that sitch.
Just thought this would be a short ("short") essay on what life has been throwing at me and my disappearance on my blog. 
I, however, will be carrying on blogging soon. Once the deadlines are over and I am free, free with no job and nothing to do apart from eating mint ice cream and putting the telly on. THEN, I will blog, oh yes. I will blog. And I have a great post lined up :)

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