This is most likely the oddest blog post I have ever written.
It may not be my last...
I think bringing a quirky blog post every now and again would be interesting 

So here it is!

Ciclotte is an innovative luxury exercise machine designed in Italy by Luca Schieppati. 
The brand is about style, design and technical beauty.

The luxury element and sophisticated design is intriguing. 
When we visualise a sports machine it's always that big, heavy-weighted pain in our back sides
that has been a hassle to move around our homes.

This is where Ciclotte comes in!

For those fitness enthusiasts Ciclotte has come up with an ergonomically satisfying 
exercise machine that, in mere honesty, doesn't even look like a sports machine! 
The aesthetic of it is sleek, modern and sophisticated.
Exactly what it should be when placing it in your home.
It's more of an ornament, amazingly sexy in my eyes haha

Judge for yourselves!

Photographer: Ezio Manciucca
Designer: Luca Schieppati 

Isn't it gorgeous?
I can easily imagine a guest coming into my home 
and straight away asking me what on earth it is!
Conversation starter, definitely :)

Roberto Cavalli, has always been passionate about the latest trends 
in design and has come up with a special Ciclotte collection, 
featuring animalier prints and fashion house’s iconic colors.

The ‘Roberto Cavalli for Ciclotte’ collection is comprised of 6 models:
- Black carbon fiber with details in jaguar-print pony
- Purple carbon fiber with details in Alcantara®
- Black carbon fiber with details in zebra-print pony
- Gold steel with details in Alcantara®
- Gold steel with details in jaguar-print pony
- Silver steel with details in Alcantara®

For more information check out

I hope I have tantalised your inner fitness guru LOL ^_^

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