What I originally planned to use in my D.I.Y !
But then it all went a bit tits up when I realised the pearls wouldn't stick onto the gold buttons because they weren't flat. In fact, not even the sequins would stick on.
So I decided to use a needle, thread, pearl bracelet and scissors......
To do this!

Sorry for the DISGUSTING photo quality but I've lost my memory card......Yet again..
It's somewhere in my bag but you know how a woman copes with a huge bag,
she can never find ANYTHING inside it. *sigh*
The collar tips were £2.50 from the Topshop sale, have a look ASAP there might be more available :) A lot of bargain quality jewellery on sale tbh.
May do a mini haul as well!


  1. Love where you've placed the pearls - it looks fab! Gotta love a bit of clothing DIY :) xx


    1. Thank you Jayn! It just didn't have the X factor for me. Needed to spruce things up haha

  2. I love the way you did this shirt it looks amazing :)